The Futon Mattress by Airtube is a comfortable size mattress with a headrest that can be used for any occasion when you would like to take a rest, nap or just want to chill-out.

We’ve researched and tested a number of fabrics and textiles in order to create the perfect mattress that you will love to rest on!

Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
You can use it on the BEACH, in the POOL, at a FESTIVAL or in your GARDEN

Product highlights

  • SINGLE MOUTH SYSTEM. Compared to previous systems this system actually inflates in a couple of second.
  • Lightweight RIP-STOP NYLON and heat-sealed TUP COATING
  • Use it in the pool, ocean, beach, garden or even on snow.
  • Includes a carry-bag.

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