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Futon - Purple

Futon - Purple

Regular price €59,00

Futon - Pink

Futon - Pink

Regular price €59,00

Futon - White

Futon - White

Regular price €59,00


Futon Mattress is a comfortable size mattress with the headrest that can be used for any occasion.
We’ve researched and tested a number of forms and textiles in order to create the perfect mattress that you will love to rest on!



  • Fast Shipping

    We get your product to you throughout Europe as fast as we can using DPD, DHL, UPS or local Delivery Partners

  • Waterproof

    The inside is heat-sealed forming a waterproof bond. So you can take it in the ocean, pool or even snow.

  • Quality

    Futon Mattress is made from two state-of-the-art materials. The outer layer is made of high-quality Ripstop Nylon.


How long does the Airtube keep the air from a single filling?

Due to the airtight inner layer and a specially designed and improved closing mechanism, a fully blown Airtube will stay inflated for 4- 6 hours.
Refilling only takes a couple of seconds.

How long does shipping take?

We ship directly from our Warehouse in Europe.
Within Europe we aim at a 2 - 3 days shipping. Sometimes it is faster.
We provide a tracking number that you receive once your order has been processes.

What is the material is the Airtube made out of?

The exterior of the Airtube is made of a light nylon with a special coating which is super strong.
It is produced to withstand most uneven areas. We have of course also considered the environment during the creation process.

Does it inflate faster than competitor products?

Yes, the futon has monoflow technology and it really only does take a couple of seconds in comparison to our competitor products.